Perhaps Aggressive Offense Camp is better described as Creative Offense Camp.  Simply put, it is designed to provide an ambitious player the skills needed to learn to create points for herself and her teammates. 

The emphasis will be in shooting off the dribble to create space for the shot.  It will be tricking the defense to create space for yourself or luring the defense away to create space for a teammate.

The athletes will work through a variety of situations that develop experience in creating an offensive advantage.  There will also be focus on movement without the ball and using both on and off ball screens - all with the purpose of creating offensive advantages.

Aggressive Offense Camp June 24-28 from 11:30am-1pm at Frances Xavier Warde Gym, 751 N State St. The fee for the week is $220 or $50 per day. AAU team athletes enjoy a 20% discount with code TEAM20.

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