Gr 7-12 Shooting Camp (July 29-Aug 1)

We can never spend enough time on shooting…the most important aspect of the game.  Whether “overhauling” your form or making small corrective tweaks, summer is an excellent time to focus uninterrupted attention on shooting form.

Shooting Camp is designed with two purposes in mind; number one is corrective adjustments customized to the shot form of each individual player. Number two focuses on the repetition necessary to adopt improvements and stabilize the new shot form.

The court will be split into two halves.  One trainer will take a small number of athletes and focus on corrective form such as changing mechanics, creating a more effective, higher release, and/or increasing the speed of the jump shot. The second trainer will work on frequency reps at the other end of the court providing consistent reinforcing instruction to encourage the new adjustments to become smooth habits. 

The Shooting Camp July 29-Aug 1 from 9:30-11am at the Frances Xavier Warde School . The fee for the 4-day week is $180 or $50 per day. AAU team athletes enjoy a 20% discount with code TEAM20.

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