Building Blocks Camp is excellent for young basketball athletes in grades 3-6 to build their skills and thus their success and enjoyment in the game.  The skill-building camp offers intensive instruction in key aspects of the game highlighted in the Flow Developmental Building Blocks. 

The athletes will develop fundamental skills in key aspects of the game such as: shooting, ball handling, plus deepen their understanding of the game, all through fun competitive drills, individual, group challenges and playmaking.  They will spend time learning correct shooting technique and footwork, enhancing their ball handling ability with both hands. 

The playing drills will emphasize the correct sense of spacing and timing in basketball, as well as gaining confidence in using their skills in live situations. Each skill segment will be followed up by game/competition to increase the adoption of skill through fun, dynamic drills. 

Building Blocks Camp June 24-28 from 9:30-11:30am at Frances Xavier Warde Gym, 751 N State St. The fee for the week is $180 or $40 per day. 

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