Gr 4-6 Winter 3-on-3 League (Chicago)

The Winter Season 2020-21 runs November 2 to February 20 and is open to girls in grades 4-6.

The overall plan is to organize an internal 3-on-3 League for all the athletes participating who will meet three (3X) per week with two practices on Mondays and Wednesdays with Saturday mornings reserved for "game days". 

The athletes will focus on individual skills training with intense focus on shooting and ball handling plus multi-player concepts that work in the 3-on-3 formate such as give & go, screens, spacing, ball movement, man-to-man and help defense.

Why 3-on-3?

Developmentally speaking, 3-on-3 is a more effective learning scheme than 5-on-5 for younger athletes because with only three players, every athlete must be engaged at every moment.  On offense, the athletes are either with the ball or actively moving without the ball via cuts and screens.  On defense, they are guarding the ball or getting in position to help.  

3-on-3 offers a high frequency experience for developing an in-depth understanding of half-court movement, spacing, attacking and defending in great detail.  There are no plays.  Time is spent on understanding and perfecting basketball principles and implementing skills.


Coaches will divide the girls into teams of 3-4 girls each. The teams will compete against each other throughout the Winter season. The League will be a round-robin format. The teams count their cumulative points throughout the season to be used to create a seeded bracket for the final tournament.

Additionally, we plan to set up a "mega" 3-on-3 Tournament with the Flow DuPage 3-on-3 League Gr 4-6.

The Chicago and DuPage groups are competitively similar and will enable us to fun competitive environment following the same Flow COVID-19 Safety Procedures.

Locations, Times and Fee

We are planning to continue using the CSO Multiplex, 1301 E. 47th Street, Chicago on Mon & Wed and Ravenswood United Church of Christ, 2050 W Pensacola Ave on Saturday morning.

We will firm up exact times as the season draws closer.  Mondays and Wednesdays will be approximately 6-7pm. Saturdays will be between 8-9am.

The Full season fee including (35-38) practices, competitions and gear is $800.  To reserve a spot, please register your athlete below.  If you have any questions, please contact Margaret

Registration Period
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