Travel Teams (DuPage)

Flow Basketball Academy currently offers travel teams for girls in grades 6/7 during all four (4) seasons of the year. We are open to expanding to 4th and 5th graders.  If you have interest at this grade level, please email us at

Each season is a new opportunity to join. We do not hold formal try-outs but organize the athletes into various levels based on size, experience, age creating an opportunity to handle all who are interested.

The travel teams will practice two night(s) per week, participate in one training class per week and compete in tournaments on a weekend day in a suburban location. The specific days change by season so please check the seasonal and team pages for details.

The teams practice in one of three locations in Glen Ellyn: Glenbard West High School, YMCA, Main St Rec Center

Seasonal Timing

The Spring 2019 Season starts March 4 through May 19.

The Summer 2019 Season begins June 3 through July 28.

The Fall 2019 Season kicks off August 26 through October 20.

The Winter 2019–20 Season starts November 4 through February 23.

We post the specific dates and times approximately one month before the start of the new season. Please see the specific Team Page for specific practice dates/times and to reserve a spot.  You may download your Team’s Calendar to your personal electronic calendar to receive update information.

The travel team fee changes by season and can be found on the Team page. The fee includes:

  • Weekly practice/training
  • Weekend tournament entry fees
  • Personalized evaluation
  • Flow Basketball Gear
  • Use of Team Uniform