Highlights: Coaches' Corner #1: Proper Shooting Technique

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For a young basketball player, there is probably nothing more important than developing the proper shooting technique, a fluid, natural shot with a quick release.

Unfortunately, given differing practice priorities and inconsistencies in teaching, too many players advance quite far without having a reliable, technically sound shot. While it may not be a significant issue toward effectiveness at the younger level, when players catch up in size and ability, a great shot is the biggest difference in one’s confidence and effectiveness on the court!

It takes a lot to re-tool one’s shot, especially after certain age and a lot of “muscle memory” reps. However, as any habit, with enough commitment and repetition (and good coaching) it can be accomplished in couple of months. Many players ask me when is the best time "to fix" their shot because they are in season. They worry that messing with their shot will decrease effectiveness. Towards that end, the only answer is “right now”!

Here are things to keep in mind:

  1. Develop a sound understanding and feel of your shot and its improvement areas
  2. Schedule a consistent time to practice a “new form” outside of your team sessions
  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself to shoot with improved shot in game situations
  4. Visualize your new shooting form!
  5. Be patient-it will take time for new form to emerge but once it does, it is here to stay :-)
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