Value & Fees


Our approach is not about “being discovered” and reacting to the college coaches that reach out to you. It is not an on-line “match-making” process. It is not about building an on-line profile and hope someone sees it.

The Flow College Counseling services are personal and tailored for your goals, aspirations and abilities. The Flow counselors will to build a relationship with you and your family over the course of your high school years and build a customized plan.

The Flow approach is about finding the Right Fit. Whether you strive to play DI, II, III, or NAIA; our approach is targeted to colleges and universities of all levels that appeal to you and fit your academic, basketball, and cultural sensibilities.

With Flow, you are getting advice from women’s basketball experts in Dan, Korie and Margaret. Know that we are willing and able to speak to a college coach on your behalf at any time.

The Flow approach is transparent, personal and proactive.


There are two levels of involement depending on your goals and needs. Please contact us at to request an initial consultation or inquire about which plan would be most appropriate given your situation. Payment plans are available. You may play for any AAU Club in any city and still take advantage of Flow College Counseling services. Being a Flow AAU athlete is not a requirement.

High School Plan is $1800 includes all four years of an athlete's high school experience. This is an appropriate plan for girls who aspire to play DI or DII basketball and need to begin the process in their freshman or sophomore years.

Annual Plan is $700 per year. This is appropriate for juniors or seniors.

For Flow Annual AAU Athletes, the College Counseling process is included in your annual fee.